Trusts, Wills, and Probate

Disability and death are not comfortable topics to think about. However, confronting the possibility of future events can be made easier by having confidence that things will be taken care of once you've passed on. Tim Daniels Law Services provides caring service to help you and your family be prepared for whatever challenges lay ahead.

Car Accidents

After a car accident, life can quickly become a whirlpool filled with medical bills, insurance claims, and uncertainty about the future. Tim Daniels Law Services is here to help you negotiate those treacherous waters and get you back on your own two feet again as quickly as possible!

Lifeguard/Pool Owners

Pool Owners and Lifeguards have a duty of care towards the swimmers who rely on them for protection. A violation of that duty through negligence may result in injuries anywhere from a minor slip and fall to something as serious as drowning. If you feel your injury occurred as a result of negligence in some way, no matter how serious the injury may be, you could be entitled to compensation!

Evictions and Protective Orders

Evictions and protective/restraining orders are often uncomfortable, but sometimes necessary. Tim Daniels Law Services strives to give firm, non-confrontational services to help the process along in a swift, peaceful manner. Our top priority is to ensure everyone feels safe while the law is followed.

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