Worker's Compensation

Hurt at work? Click here for more information and resources about how to find peace of mind following your accident.

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Looking to adopt a foster or step-child? Click here to ease any worries you may have about the process.

Other Services

We have more than a decade of experience helping people to find assurance in legal matters. Call today to learn more about other ways that we can help you!

  • Car Accidents
  • Wills, Trusts, and Probate
  • Evictions and Protective Orders
  • VA Disability Claims
  • Lifeguard/Pool Owner Negligence


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Why should I call Tim Daniels?

We're here to help people out of difficult situations in whatever way we can. Even if you don't think you'll end up needing an attorney, it never hurts to give us a phone call! We have the experience and knowledge to give you confidence moving forward.
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Friendly and Competent Service

  • We are dedicated to keeping you informed through all phases of your case.
  • We promise prompt responses to texts, calls, and emails.
  • When you call for a case evaluation, we will give you the best advice possible, even if you don't end up hiring us.
  • We are available Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm to take calls and answer questions.

Client Satisfaction

Tim has helped individuals from all over southern and central Utah, including St. George, Richfield, Cedar City, and Beaver. See what they thought of his services!

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My Approach

When I take a case, I'm dedicated to being thorough in developing and gathering evidence so I can give my clients the best counsel possible based on a firm understanding of the situation. I carefully consider all reasonable options in each individual case, because every circumstance is different. Sometimes it is best to go to court and sometimes it is best to settle outside of trial. I counsel with each client one on one to go through their options and decide what their best course of action is. Being a solo practitioner gives me the ability to even adjust my charges and fees based on every client's different needs!
I strongly believe in competent representation, communicating often with my clients, and giving wise case evaluations. I make sure to keep my clients in the loop every step of the way so we can work together towards the best possible resolution. I'm always ready to receive a call, text, or email and answer whatever questions may come from those I help!

Old Website, Phone Number, and Address

Our old website,, is still online. It lists outdated information, including an old phone number and address. For reasons further explained here, we are unable to take it down or edit the information listed there. We are doing all we can to boost this website so those who need our services are able to find our current, updated information. We apologize for any confusion that the old listing may cause.