Work Comp Nurse Attending Your Appointments?

Does a nurse from workers compensation have a right to attend your doctors appointments? What about your right to privacy? Yes, injured workers have a right to privacy. But under a Utah Labor Commission rule, the workers comp nurse has a right to talk with your doctor about your treatment after your medical appointment.

Here’s the actual law: R612-300-2(G): The nurse “may be present during an injured worker’s medical care without the consent of the injured worker. However, if the nurse is excluded from a medical visit, the physician and the injured worker shall meet with the nurse at the conclusion of the visit or at some other reasonable time so as to communicate regarding medical care and return-to-work issues.” If I was an injured worker, I would ask my doctor to please not talk with the work comp nurse about my care unless I was there too. Remember, the nurse works for the insurance company, not for you.

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