Social Security claims generally take several, if not many, months to settle.  At Tim Daniels Law Services,  we strive to strengthen SSDI claims from the beginning.  Here is our 3-step system:


1. Obtain clear medical documentation from highly-competent treating doctors.

Why?  Because SSA gives more weight to the opinions of such doctors.

2. Help our clients obtain documentation from the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR).

If USOR cannot help the client get into the competitive work force, then we have a stronger case for SSDI.


3. Prepare a memo requesting that the judge approve the claim without a hearing.

This can happen due to clear, strong evidence that benefits are warranted, which we at Tim Daniels Law Services are dedicated to gathering. If a hearing is required, we prepare specific questions to elicit helpful testimony from the Vocational Expert.

Sometimes conditions change and we must adjust the claim.  For example, when a very sick client recovered and returned to college courses, we could not legitimately claim disability.  So, we adjusted the claim to entail a "closed period" rather than permanent disability, and the judge approved our request without a hearing.

Bottom line:  We claim everything we can based on our evidence, and we strive to get the strongest evidence possible.