Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

Some injured workers live a considerable distance from the doctors they need to see for their industrial injury. The gas money for these trips can add up and impose a financial burden.

Utah law (Rule 612-300-8) allows injured workers to be reimbursed for their travel expenses, including gas, meals and lodging, if two conditions are met: (1) The travel is required, meaning the medical treatment cannot be obtained closer to home. (2) The injured worker submits the claim to the adjustor within 12 months after the travel expenses were incurred.

Travel to pick up prescriptions is generally not allowed (unless you don’t have a pharmacy in your community). Lastly, the adjustor must pay the travel expenses within three months of receiving the claim, or when at least $100 of expenses have accrued, whichever is earlier.

Note: The reimbursement rates generally change a little each year. The Labor Commission publishes a “Quick Reference” guide which is a great resource about the various workers compensation benefits and payment amounts. The 2016 guide is available at Go to “Forms/Publications” and then search for “Quick Reference”.